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Top Home Care Registries Trust Ally


Compliance is at the heart of what we do - while helping you supercharge your growth.

Ally has it all:

  • Scheduling

  • EVV mobile app

  • Payment processing

  • Powerful functionality that helps protect you in the event of a potential DOL audit

We collect all payments and disperse to caregivers, helping you maintain compliance.

All-in-one software designed specifically for registries gives you:

hours saved of admin work each month


increase in productivity


more peace of mind with your compliance

Why Ally?

We help maintain compliance, in addition to all your billing and administrative needs.

Without Ally your registry may face:
With Ally you can:
Workers classification audits
Protect against workers classification audits

Inefficiencies due to using non-registry software


You have registry specific language and processes

Risk of being labeled an employer by collecting payment and paying the caregivers

Worker Classification

You do not collect payments from clients nor pay the caregivers, adding a layer of separation.

Additional admin hours due to manual approval and editing of shifts at the registry level.

Time Saving

Your caregivers and clients can edit their own shifts

Higher operating costs impacting your rates, directly impacting your referrals

Cash Flow

You have a more efficient registry requiring less staffing, giving you more margin to be competitive. 


Official sponsor and recommended software solution of the Private Care Association.

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Powerful features to help you run your home care registry.


If (or when!) the DOL comes knocking, you've got a trusted partner by your side.

We provide a software platform that takes care of your general workflow and administrative needs while at the same time providing services that help mitigate the chance of being classified as an employer.

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What We Do

Ally is the only company that offers technology and billing services for home care registries. It helps:

  • Win more referrals with CRM
  • Safely stores client and caregiver schedules & records
  • Collect payments from clients via timeclock/EVV
  • Pays caregivers under our entity (not yours!), and submits tax reporting

All while helping keep your registry profitable and compliant.


Potential Labor Savings

Easily calculate employee hours related to non-medical that can be reinvested when you switch to Ally.

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