Ally is FREE for home care registries

We charge a % of the payments we process from the client. There are NO license fees, start up fees or implementation fees.

Give us a try. With no start up costs and the fact that you can cancel at any time, what do you have to lose?

*These are the total costs and includes all CC fees and payments to caregivers.

Cost Comparison

Registry using
Registry Using Scheduling Software + a Third Party Biller
Scheduling Software FREE $15 per client per month
Electronic Visit Verification FREE $0.28 per visit
Payment Processing

3% ACH

5% CC


3% ACH

6% CC


Long Term Care Claims Submission FREE 10%+!!!
Estimated Annual Savings $24,750 N/A
1099's & Taxes Ally sends 1099s at no additional cost and never sends as the registry Does not send at all or sends as the registry which increases the risk of DOL non-compliance