Electronic Visit Verification to Verify Care for You and Your Loved Ones

  • Eliminate fraud, leakage and abuse
  • Ensure caregivers are at the service address when performing care
  • Eliminate fradulent claims and decrease claims cost
Caregiver Mobile App
  • Verify GPS location at the time of care
  • Simple, easy to use digital time card
  • Electronic signature for insurance claims
  • Digital submission of care data
Smart Telephony
  • No pin codes to remember
  • Know if the caregiver is in the client's home
  • Track ADLs, time and progress of the client
  • State and LTC insurance carrier approved

Eliminate Paper Timesheets and the Fraud, Leakage and Abuse associated with them!

Ally's Caregiver Mobile App is a simple and easy to use interface even for the least tech savvy caregiver. Empower your caregivers while verifying care and eliminating fraud.

You've got questions and we have answers!

Do my caregivers need to memorize a pin code for each client?

NO!! Our smart telephony system and mobile app does not use pin codes.

Does your mobile app include electronic signature?

Yes! Our state of the art application allows clients to sign using their finger. Once signed, the digital time sheet contains the client's signature which adds an additional layer of security and verification for insurance carriers and state Med waiver programs.

Can caregivers see their schedule on the mobile app?

Yes, caregivers can see their full schedule and any assigned visits and any open visits that you have made available to caregivers

Is the app available for iOS and Android?

Yes, the Ally mobile app is availble in both iOS and Google Play stores.

What is the cost of your EVV system?

FREE for home care registries using our software platform

Do caregivers need to have a schedule to clock in + out

No, caregivers can clock in and out at anytime and it does not require that they have a scheduled or assigned visit.

Can you mobile app and telephony system integrate with other software?

Yes! We have an open API and can easily integrate with existing software systems.

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