Home Care Registries

A simple & compliant scheduling, payment processing and caregiver payment platform. Our software is free. Ditch your existing system and the costs associated with it!

Families with Independent Caregivers

Allow us to automate payments to your caregivers and send 1099s come tax time. Our electronic visit verification ensures your loved ones are recieving care and you are not paying a penny more than you should.

Ally Helps Home Care Registries!

All-in-one software platform that includes scheduling, payment processing, caregiver payments and claims submission
  1. Grow Faster - Ally automates payment processing allowing you to focus on sales and marketing
  2. Reduce the risk of DOL non-compliance - Our compliant payment processing reduces the risk of being labeled the employer by the DOL.
  3. Free Software - Stop paying license fees for your scheduling software. We NEVER charge license fees. Our software is free to home care registries.
  4. Electronic Visit Verification - Eliminate paper timesheets by using our state of the art electronic visit system. We have both telephony and a native mobile app to make clocking in and out seamless for your caregivers.

Electronic Visit Verification & Digitized Claims for Long Term Care Insurance Carriers

Reduce claims cost with our customized carrier branded EVV system. EVV is proven to reduce fraud, leakage and abuse.
  1. Reduce Claims Cost - Eliminate fraud leakage and abuse by using our EVV system to verify care via GPS and telephony.
  2. Digital Claims Submission - Fully electronic claims that can be sent upstream to a carrier in any format required. Digitize your claims submission process.
  3. Eliminate Paper Timesheets - Eliminate paper timesheets and the labor and inefficiencies associated with them.
  4. Claims Reporting - Digitized claims allow carriers to have the business intelligence data required to make informed business descisions.

Automate Payments to your Caregivers & Verify Care for your loved ones!

Get access to our electronic visit system to verify care and protect you from fraud. Ally will automate payments to your caregivers.
  1. Electronic Visit Verification - Verify that your caregiver is taking care of your loved ones when they say they are.
  2. Automate Payments - Pay for care via credit card or ACH. Ally will pay your caregivers for you and handle all tax documents required. No more sending paper checks each week!
  3. Family Portal - Get access to our family portal to view all visit details to make sure your loved ones are recieving the care they deserve!
  4. Eliminate the Possibility of Fraud - Our electronic visit system will eliminate the possibility of fraud and ensure you are not paying any more $ than you should.

Attention Home Care Registries

There is no long term commitment and no startup costs. Join the Ally movement and see for yourself why our software is the perfect fit for home care registries.
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